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Pudgy Airplane Stickers
A cartoony spin on your favorite airline, corporate, and military aircraft. Over 400 designs and we're constantly adding more! Can't find what you like? You can request a new design!
Best Selling Pudgy Stickers


Pudgy United Airlines Boeing 737
Pudgy Alaska Airlines Boeing 737
Pudgy Southwest Boeing 737
Pudgy Frontier Airbus 320
Pudgy United Express Q400
Pudgy FedEx MD-11
Pudgy Silver Airways Saab 340
Pudgy Delta MD-88
Pudgy Spirit Airbus 320
Pudgy Delta Connection CRJ-900
Pudgy United Express EMB-145
Pudgy Delta Connection EMB-175
Pudgy UPS Boeing 747
Pudgy Great Lakes Beech 1900
Hawaiian Airlines A330
Atlas Air 747-400
Pan American Boeing 707
Qantas Boeing 747-400ER


Fun Stickers
Whether you're a seasoned airline pilot or flight attendant, you and your coworkers will get a kick out of these lighthearted aviation humor stickers. If you have an idea for a new fun sticker submit your idea!
Best Selling Fun Stickers


Pilot Carries Less Than 20 Dollars Cash
Flight Attendant Doesn't Take Crap
If You See Me Jump, Try To Keep Up
Captain's Job Description
Nice Pilot - Your Results May Vary



Realistic Airplane Stickers
A more proportional artist's impression of your favorite aircraft, just in case you're not in a cartoony mood. Remember, if you can't find your aircraft, you can request a new design!
Best Selling Realistic Stickers


Realistic Delta Connection CRJ-200
Realistic United Express CRJ-700
Realistic American Eagle CRJ-700
Realistic American Eagle EMB-145
Delta Connection EMB-170
Great Lakes Beech 1900
US Airways Express Dash 8 Q100
United Express Dash 8 Q300
United Express Dash 8 Q400



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